DYCE Happy Texts

by Singhammer IT Consulting AG

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DYCE Happy Texts provides formatable long texts in sales documents

DYCE Happy Texts

The DYCE Happy Texts app finally solves one of the fundamental challenges that has always existed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: formatable long texts in sales documents! These long texts are available both as pre- and post-texts (Header and Footer texts) for sales documents and as extended descriptions for the products in the document lines. Of course, they can also be printed using on-board tools.

You would like to have the possibility to create your sales documents with a personal salutation and a farewell? Detailed product descriptions represent an added value for you and are important to you? Then DYCE Happy Texts is exactly what you need!

Use defaults and automations

Not only can you add a personal salutation and farewell to your offer with this extension for Business Central, but (as of October 2023) you can also use defaults and have pre- and post-texts added automatically. With appealing and informative offers, you strengthen customer loyalty and save valuable resources yourself.

Features & benefits of Happy Texts

  • Formattable texts without length restrictions
  • Personal salutations and farewells in sales documents
  • Editor as add-in
  • Integration into sales processes
  • Use of defaults (coming soon)
  • Automatic pre- and post-texts (coming soon)

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Supported Versions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries

Users worldwide can use this application.

Supported languages

DYCE Happy Texts is available in English and German.

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