TCOG Multi Company Centralized Logistics


The complete and automated solution to direct your logistics into financial compliant transactions

Are you still using papers and documents to confirm information from warehouse to the bookkeeping department?
When managing your customer sales orders, are you still struggling with your internal purchases through partner companies?
Is clean masterdata over different partner companies a daily concern?

TCOG Multi Company Centralized Logistics is the solution that automates and streamlines your logistics and financial administration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Online.

You can use TCOG Multi Company Centralized Logistics for:

Centralize your masterdata management and synchronize the necessary data instantly.

User management
Manage the access of your users to partner business information.

Financial document management
Your sales/purchase department can create sales/purchase orders in a centralized operational environment.
This allows your warehouse employees to focus on a quality pick & delivery/receipt regardless of the financial impact per partner company.
The invoicing of your logistic actions is also centralized and automatically transferred to the bookkeeping of the partner company following its legal requirements.

Intercompany document management
When invoicing to the external customers of the group, your warehouse might send goods owned by a partner company.
When receiving goods in your warehouse, the purchase invoice might be sent to your partner company.
When transferring goods from one warehouse to another, the ownership of the goods might financially change between partner companies.
The TCOG Multi Company Centralized Logistics app for Business Central provides an automated intercompany invoice between partner companies.
This manages the value transfer of inventory and the legal intrastat requirements when necessary.
The intercompany price setting provides different choices per partner company.

Global credit limit management
Your B2X customer can receive sales invoices from different partner companies.
The solution provides the possibility to manage an overall credit limit when issuing a new sales order linked to one partner company.

Managing the bookkeeping of your partner company
This solution allows the accountants to manage their bookkeeping on an item level or a more simple general ledger level.

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Supported Countries:

The Netherlands and Belgium.

Supported Languages:

Dutch (Dutch), Dutch (Belgium), French (Belgium), English (United States)

Supported Editions:

Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central

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