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It allows for the tracking of quality of products and placing lots on hold.

It allows for tracking quality results on a lot, production order, warehouse shipment, or receipt. TPS Quality Management can also keep track of tool check-in/check-out, equipment calibration, USDA score and letter grading, and composite sampling. Lots can be placed on hold and removed from hold once the linked audit passes. Based on the setup of the hold reason code, a lot can be prevented from being picked, shipped, or consumed while on hold.

Why it is essential to track Quality Data inside your ERP?

Traceability and lot control need to be demonstrated in order to comply with industry-standard audits such as BRC, HACCP, and GMP. Since all of your critical control points are inside your ERP as inventory is received, consumed, produced, and shipped, Quality also reside here embedded in these processes.


  • Ensure compliance by recording inbound and outbound truck inspections before shipping or receiving product.

  • Track critical control points in the manufacturing process with the ability to place a lot on hold.

  • Place lots on hold automatically at the time of receipt, until the inspection and audit by QA is completed.

  • Prevent specific transactions when a lot is on hold pending QA results.

  • Calculate USDA grading on commodity receipts based on QA testing.

  • Manage check-in and out of tools, ensuring dangerous or valuable resources are not lost.

  • Maintain a record of equipment calibrations.

Ready to implement and track Quality?

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