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Documents and filing - ERP and DMS working hand in hand

Do you need to archive invoices, credit notes, reminders, order confirmations, purchase orders, and many other types of documents on paper in file folders? Do you often find it difficult to locate documents related to specific transactions?
You are not alone. Many companies have similar issues.

The good news is that YAVEON ProE-SCM 365 DMS can help.
Your documents are stored in a document management system—automated, systematic, process-related—and even an audit-proof.

Reduce your workload - safely

Depending on the document type, archiving is carried out fully automatically in the background or directly during document printing. Before the documents are transferred to the archive, metadata is added.
You can easily store additional documents via the DropZone and assign them to processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This saves time and increases the security of your processes.
The solution really comes into its own when users start working on regular tasks such as the processing of quotations, purchase orders, and sales orders. They can then directly access all the necessary documents via the process-related document provision. No more searching or asking multiple colleagues. With the system, you can look forward to significantly increased efficiency and fewer errors.

Open DMS documents with just one click

You can open your documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with just one click, for example, as a preview, depending on the context. This ensures you have immediate access to the documents you need to deal with all processes efficiently. And of course, should documents be missing, you can add them easily via drag and drop.

Lighting fast setup

The solution can be deployed quickly, due to the extensive setup templates for the interface, and the customized setup packages for the d.velop DMS systems or SharePoint. There is no complicated installation.

YAVEON ProE-SCM 365 DMS is specially designed for use with the DMS systems of d.velop AG and Microsoft SharePoint.

  • d.velop documents – the SaaS solution. Here’s how it works: Simply register and start.
  • d.velop d3ecm.ecm – the classic DMS solution for in-house installation.
  • SharePoint Online / On-Prem – for a cost-effective introduction to DMS
One solution, many possibilities

Do you want to configure the system? No problem.
Once you have activated the setup templates, you soon want the system to do more - and this is where you discover the strength of the solution.
Just choose which documents you want to archive - these can be internal documents too, of course. In addition, you can utilize the deeply configurable metadata generation and link logic for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central documents with DMS document types.

Can this be true? Yes – and it also includes, for example, line information or sublines such as lots. These could include article numbers, lot or project numbers of the posted deliveries, which can also contain a wide variety of values per document. Of course, you can also use the same depth when configuring the search assignment of DMS data to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central masks. With this, you can keep a close eye on the entire document chain – from the posted invoice to the affected blanket orders – through several stages.

That sounds good? It is. You can avoid complex programming, with configuration on the interface - fast, simple, and direct.

One last thing - The Service APIs of the respective DMS systems are used to remain adaptable for any type of installation. This has other positive benefits, as you can use drag and drop to archive directly without losing time, and you can find your document afterwards in the list of transaction-related documents.

YAVEON ProE-SCM 365 DMS can also be combined with the YAVEON ProE-SCM solutions Fax, Mail, EPost and EDI, so you can send and receive documents automatically. The solution is also configured to work with Continia Document Capture.

Supported Editions:

Essentials and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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