DS365 Purchase Requisition App

by Dynamics Stream

Simplify your Purchasing and Procurement Process with DS365 Purchase Requisition App

Purchase Requisition is an additional feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This feature was developed to enable optimize business procedures and maximize efficiency. The purchase Requisition feature serves a critical role in any organization's business process, as it collects purchase requests from users in every department directed to the purchasing department. First and foremost, here is the purchase requisition definition.

What is Purchase Requisition?

A purchase requisition is an internal request submitted by an employee within an organization to get purchased products, services, or fixed assets. An extensive end-to-end Dynamics 365 Business Central-based procurement request development and approval solution.

Why Use Ds365 Purchase Requisition App?

  • By deploying the Purchase Requisition App, you may reduce the paper-based approval procedure for departmental purchases.
  • An efficient purchase requisition solution, such as DS365 purchase requisition, may set up a review procedure to ensure that all expenditures are analyzed before making a purchase.
  • With the help of DS365 purchase requisition app, you have complete visibility into your spending.
  • Key Features of the DS365 Purchase Requisition App

    • Identify & Submit Purchase Requisitions
    • Attach Documents to Requisitions
    • On a single requisition request, choose multiple vendors.
    • Multi-language and multi-site capabilities
    • Multiple requisition lines for a single purchase requisition header
    • Setup Approvers' Id and Send Approval Requests
    • An extra feature of our app is that you have the option to copy the existing purchase requisitions and purchase orders.
    • Create Purchase Orders from Requisitions
    • Displays and interfaces that are easy to use and familiar
    • How to Deploy?

      Deployment is simple with the methods below:

      1. Deploy DS365 Purchase Requisition App
      2. Compile a complete requisition app
      3. Install Approvers and Set Limits
      4. Let the game begin!!!
      5. Supported Editions

        • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials
        • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium
        • Supported Countries

          United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar and the United States.

          Supported Languages

          English (United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, United States)

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