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AMC Banking 365 Financials

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AMC Banking for Dynamics 365 Financial: Bank Accounts Statements

Get your bank statements imported without any manual handling (no files), and save yourself from unsecure, time consuming work.

AMC Banking for Dynamics 365 Financial also offers support for credit transfers. Based on the advanced AMC Bank Data Conversion Service enables you the ability to make payments to your vendors and upload them to your web bank.

Get full control of the complete payment process via intelligent, automated and unified banking process controlled from one place - Dynamics 365 Financial!

AMC Banking for Dynamics 365 Financial offers the following benefits:

  • Automated import of bank account statements directly into your Dynamics 365 Financials
  • Making easy credit transfers and uploading them to your bank portal
  • Easy reconcilation of incoming and outgoing payments
  • Native Dynamics 365 for financial handling
  • Fewer errors, higher accuracy!
  • Less manual work with your reconciliation processes
  • Possibility to outsource accountant work

AMC Banking offers a wide variety of products and services within Cash Management.

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