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INFINIT Corelytics Analytics Suite

Infinit Consulting
Dynamics 365 for Financials data extraction and analysis

What is INFINIT Corelytics Analytics Suite?

This app provides the means to the extraction of data from Dynamics 365 for Financials, for analyzing and migration of the data sets into INFINIT Corelytics Analytics Suite.

Why use INFINIT Corelytics Analytics Suite?

Now you can leverage the control of Dynamics 365 data with the powerful analytics tools of Corelytics. It's never been easier to use the state of the art analytics tools that Corelytics offers. All it takes is a click of a button! Via this app and by a single click, account details and transactions list could be easily exported and delivered to Corelytics, using a web service. There, several analyses are run on the received data to provide the customers with accurate reports.