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Ship-To Address Management

Konica Minolta IT Solutions GmbH

Manage ship-to addresses to use them easier and faster

In most systems there are a lot of alternative ship-to addresses for every customer. The extension Ship-To Address Management can be used in two different ways, to manage them, so users can easily select and apply the needed ship-to address within their processes.

One way to use the Ship-To Address Management is to define one ship-to address as primary per customer. With this setup only one primary ship-to address can exist. In the sales and service processes, this primary ship-to address will be automatically applied to the documents.

The other way to use the Ship-To Address Management is to setup multiple preferred ship-to addresses. Therefore the user can define one or more ship-to addresses as preferred. When selecting a customer in sales or services processes, a dialog displays the preferred ship-to addresses, from which the user can apply it to the document.

The manual selection of a ship-to address has not changed. It’s always possible to change a ship-to address manually.