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Sales and Inventory Forecast


Make your brand famous for always having items in stock (without extra costs to you).

Managing inventory is a delicate balancing act. Carry too little and you lose orders (and customers). Carry too much and you tie up much needed working capital. Carry far too much and you end up discounting, or worse, writing off obsolete product.

Our app uses historical data to predict future demand, so you can base procurement decisions on accurate and reliable forecasts, and help your company avoid lost revenue, excessive shipping costs and, worst case, damage to your brand.

Turn anxiety into proactive control, and manage this critical business process in minutes. You will be able to free up cash, and know exactly when to replenish stock so you always have inventory on hand to satisfy every customer order.

Use it now and start aligning your inventory replenishment with your customer demand like a pro. Your customers and sales team will love you for it.

What countries does this extension support?

United States, Canada, United Kingdom.