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Subscription Billing for Dynamics 365

Binary Stream Software Inc.

Manage Subscription Billing, Revenue Recognition & Allocation, Comply with ASC 606 and much more

Binary Stream’s Subscription Billing

Whether you bill monthly, annually, or based upon usage, tiers, milestones, or even a mix of one-time and recurring charges Subscription Billing can handle it. Reduce invoicing cycles from days to hours. Eliminate spreadsheets and cumbersome manual processes. Subscription Billing automatically generates and distributes thousands of invoices saving you time, eliminating costly errors, and getting you paid quicker.


Manage the Complete Quote-to-Cash Cycle

  • Combine an end-to-end billing and revenue recognition solution with the powerful accounting capabilities of Dynamics 365
  • Pull customer contract details from the front-end sales order/CRM system

Manage Complexities of Subscription Billing

  • Subscription Charges (recurring monthly, annually, any user-defined frequency, and pro-rated periods)
  • One-time fees such as for initial setup
  • Metered or usage-based fees such as time or amount consumed
  • Prices that change based upon volume tier
  • Milestone billing tied to completion of project stage
  • Auto-renewal (evergreen)
  • Multiple contracts or billing types per customer or item

Automate your Time-Consuming Invoicing Process

  • Import or create billing schedules and contracts
  • Maintain accuracy while processing up to hundreds of thousands of monthly invoices in just minutes
  • Pull consumption data or meter readings from external systems
  • Consolidate all charges by customer achieve a single rolled-up invoice

Eff­ectively Manage your Deferrals

  • Automate revenue recognition calculations and build thousands of recognition schedules
  • Set up your deferral accounts by customer, item and vendor and track contract information separate from deferral schedules
  • Manage deferrals whether they’re straight line amounts across calendar months, event-based as milestones are completed, and usage or percentage of completion

Comply with ASC 606

  • Manage your multi-element revenue allocations for complex contracts so you can confidently and efficiently comply with ASC 606 and IFRS 15 (also, VSOE and BESP)
  • Handle contracts with multiple products and services, bundled items at a discount, ord discounted items and regular priced items together
  • Define your items’ fair value prices and let the system automatically generate the revenue allocations for every invoice or contract

Real-time Insights into Financial Performance

  • Keep on top of key performance indicators with a variety of reports & accurately forecast revenues and expenses