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Subscription Billing Suite

Binary Stream Software Inc.

Manage Subscription Billing, Revenue Recognition & Allocation, Comply with ASC 606 and much more

Binary Stream’s Subscription Billing Suite

Increase collection efficiency, financial clarity, and effortlessly scale your business! Binary Stream’s Subscription Billing Suite is unique in its ability to provide your business with insightful financial data and achieve GAAP compliance. By reducing the invoicing cycle from days to hours, it streamlines your entire accounting system. Plus, it can be easily extended to cover the entire quote-to-cash process.


Business Challenges your Company is Facing

Do you struggle with month-end invoicing and billing? Inefficiencies can be abundant within the billing process and can cause accounting departments a variety of difficulties. The Subscription Billing solution helps companies across many industries overcome challenges, such as:

  • Many manual processes and spreadsheets masquerading as an automated billing system
  • Hours of redundant spreadsheet work every month
  • Invoicing period can take days
  • Cancellations, reclassifications, and adjustments that force your team to post to future periods


Foremost Capabilities of our Solution

Subscription Billing combines end-to-end billing and deferrals. Because it is embedded within Dynamics ERP, Subscription Billing is easy to learn, easy to set up, and easy to use. Further capabilities the solution offers includes:

  • Automates time-consuming invoicing processes by importing billing schedules and contracts
  • Ability to process credit card, ACH, and EFT payments
  • Maintains accuracy whilst processing thousands of invoices
  • Empower customers to self-serve, as well as links front-end CRM to ERP
  • Manages your multi-element revenue allocations for complex contracts so you can efficiently comply with ASC 606, IFRS 15, VSOE, and BESP.


Tangible Solution Benefits

Subscription Billing is designed to work with compliance standards. It will enable you to reduce the amount of time spent managing each contract, allowing you to focus more of your resources on growth. Further solution benefits include:

  • Efficiently and quickly receive payments from customers
  • Enjoy the ability to handle many different types of subscription charges
  • Scale your business without stressing your accounting department
  • Accelerate your billing process and strengthen your customer relationships
  • Achieve accurate revenue forecasting, flag key areas of churn, and make decisions faster

      With Subscription Billing at the forefront of your receivables and deferrals architecture you can be sure that your company is scaling successfully. To learn more about how Binary Stream’s Subscription Billing solution can empower your accounting team, contact us.