Ad Ultima Group

Accurate, real time project cost and project production cost + service and maintenance management


This easy-to-use platform offers real-time project costs and progress. It has many features for project managers and employees in different departments, from sales people to technicians. It offers overviews (both WBS and CBS) for services such as Engineering, Operations, Procurement and Manufacturing as well as for Maintenance and Service managers. These overviews show project related production costs in real-time.

Key features project management

  • Assign, manage and value inventory on projects independent of other projects
  • Consult accurate overviews on project transactions, included production cost
  • Evaluate the impact of logistic events on the project timeline
  • Transfer stock between projects

Key features service management

  • Connect to Pegase mobile field services platform
  • Optimize intervention scheduling through intervention location and equipment geolocation
  • Manage installed bases with equipment hierarchies throughout their lifecycle
  • Create intervention templates with a list of spare parts
  • Track intervention duration
  • Automated event-based intervention management
  • Push intervention data to the mobile platform
  • Push interventions to Outlook