JiwaMed, end to end medical device management


JiwaMed, industry-specific, end to end device management capabilities for medical devices.

JiwaMed provides industry-specific, end to end device management capabilities for healthcare device vendors, clinical engineers and biomedical device technicians.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, JiwaMed allows healthcare technology professionals that operates medical devices on a daily basis to ensure that each device is safe, effective and available for clinical use. 

Our comprehensive solution is built from listening to the needs of clinical engineers and healthcare industry professionals from around the world and our dedicated team aims to empower healthcare organizations to embrace digital transformation in healthcare technology management with the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics.

Key benefits with JiwaMed:

  • Built to deliver industry-specific functionality for Medical Device organizations.​ Enjoy benefits of best practices and out of box device features.

  • Highly secured and scalable Cloud-based solution that will enable customers to save money by reducing the IT burden and hardware maintenance.

  • Quickly and easily access your ERP solution through desktop or mobile web browser. Ability to personalize your user screens without need of programming skills.
  • Actionable insights improve business performance and drives business by providing business critical insights for quicker analysis and decision making. 
  • Role-based workspace provide users with complete tools and information needed to perform their role efficiently.

How to Experience

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