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Blue Horseshoe Solutions, Inc.

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workBI is an app that allows you to visualize workforce data and use for performance management.

workBI is a workforce management app that allows you to easily visualize your workforce data and use for performance management

workBI does not just provide data, it allows deep visibility into the data and encourages direct and immediate action from your workforce. This approach, known as gamification, creates an experience that motivates the workforce and increases performance through achievement focused activities. This gamification can motivate the workforce to perform more efficiently, accurately and quickly.

Key Features

· Configurable badges for tracking worker performance and increasing transparency of target metrics

· Leader boards based on configurable metrics or badges

· Campaigns for increased transparency of cross disciplinary goals and objectives

· Campaigns allow the user to configure time fences for attainment of collective goals

· Power BI integration to flattened data structures for simpler picking/packing/replenishment dashboards

· Custom UI elements for at a glance perspective on user level achievement of goals

· Self-service work spaces for workers to evaluate themselves against their peers