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Connected Food Company - Product Specifications


Product specifications including recipe, nutritional values, allergens and logistic information

Connected Food Company - Product Specifications, built by Cegeka, is an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations to easily create your product specifications based on an item tree structure aligned with manufacturing processes, including calculation of nutritional values and inheritance of allergens.

The product specification is useful on all stages of the production process, on the suppliers and producer sides as well as on the buying company side. It contains a product identification and detailed description of the product, a recipe, a product image, nutritional values, allergens, packaging information …

The basis for the product specification is an item tree structure - based on Cegeka best practices - aligned with manufacturing processes common in the food industry: preparation, processing, mixing and packing. The power of using formulas (recipes) – to support this item tree structure – also offers a great flexibility to handle the different challenges in packaging, storage and logistics.

Item attribute management has been enhanced to support calculation of nutritional values and inheritance of allergens, based on the formulas (recipes) and the results are included on the product specification sheet.