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Certified Payroll

CEM Business Solutions Inc

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Certified Payroll By CEM Business Solutions

Customize your payroll processing experience with Ease, Accuracy and Monthly flexibility.

Certified Payroll can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Payroll, Project timesheets, leave module, HR, Accounts Payable, Projects, and Bank.

Perfect for your company:

If you are responsible to send certified payroll report WH-347 to the USA Department of Labor showing the details of the work done and the wages paid to each worker, Certified Payroll takes the pain out of payroll processing by simplifying and automating even your most complicated calculations and generates the report with a few clicks. By this practice, transactional processes yield more time for your team to focus on strategic financial issue


Simplifies compliance with the payroll laws & regulation requirements of your state.

Benefits for Project based industries:

  • All employee details and working hours information under a single roof
  • Calculates taxes per project location
  • Posts General Liability costs to projects calculation and reporting
  • Posts worker compensation costs to projects
  • Project wise cost distribution
  • Payroll earnings are pulled by project from timesheets
  • US$500/month + (Implementation service charges)

    CEM is a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft. It is a global company renowned for its award-winning implementation & support services. CEM is also a member of the partner advisory board of Microsoft.