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Crowe Metals Accelerator

Crowe LLP

Crowe Metals Accelerator extends Dynamics 365 for Operations for the entire metals supply chain

The Crowe Metals Accelerator (CMA) is an industry-tailored solution designed to meet the needs of the entire metals industry supply chain; including producers, processors, service centers, and fabricators. Built completely within Dynamics 365 for Operations, CMA expands on the robust functionality to support the specific requirements of the metals supply chain, including:

  • Metals-specific user workbenches and role centers
  • Advanced pricing and costing, including production analysis tools
  • Product information management for Metals
  • Attribute and specifications management
  • Multi-dimensional inventory and unit management
  • Heat tracking, chemistry, and tag management
  • Production control for Metals
  • Quality and specification control
  • Simplified subcontracting process
  • Advanced handling for scrap and processing loss