DXC Enterprise Asset Management


DXC Enterprise Asset Management for Microsoft Dynamics

How much is your equipment costing you?

Asset intensive industries are heavily dependent on maximizing operating time, minimizing maintenance costs, and meeting health, safety and environmental compliance requirements. Unplanned equipment downtime causes longer outages, higher maintenance costs, lost revenue, increased risk, and a loss of control of your assets.

To achieve your operating goals and maximize the lifespan of your assets it is imperative to have the right tools to execute your maintenance strategy.

With DXC Enterprise Asset Management you can:

  • Reduce the risks of unscheduled down time leading to lost production, missed operating targets, non-compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations
  • Reliably plan and schedule maintenance of your assets on time and on budget knowing that all necessary resources will be available "just in time" according to your schedule
  • Achieve confidence in your maintenance budgets and know precisely where your maintenance dollars are being spent
  • Ensure your equipment is in the best possible condition, protecting your people and the environment
  • Provide unity between your finance and maintenance departments with one version of the truth while keeping financials invisible to maintenance workers

A Powerful EAM/CMMS solution

DXC Enterprise Asset Management is a powerful solution embedded directly within Microsoft Dynamics. Built for asset intensive industries, DXC Enterprise Asset Management is your competitive advantage for managing your asset lifecycle, operations, and regulatory compliance.

By leveraging out-of-the-box modules from Microsoft Dynamics, DXC Enterprise Asset Management looks like and integrates with familiar Microsoft Office tools, making accessing information easier than ever before. That means less training, faster adoption and a faster return on your investment.