Advanced Multi Country Sales Tax Module (MCST)

by DycoTrade

Automatic sales tax determination for Tax Identities in multiple countries

When you operate from different countries within the EU it can be a real struggle to properly 

administer the correct Sales tax declarations in different countries. Standard D365 does not 

cover this in full, the only alternative is to setup different legal entities in D365 which is a 

sub-optimal solution because it creates additional administrative burden.

The core issue is that for every Sales tax transaction, only one side, that is the destination (for 

Sales), can be used to dynamically determine the Sales tax group, the other side, the origin, is

not taken into account. For Purchase it’s the other way around. And you need both origin and


DycoTrade Multi-Country Sales Tax intervenes in the determination of the Sales tax group on the

order lines: more trigger points to determine the Sales tax group are defined, and (rather than

on a Customer card, Vendor card or address) the Sales tax group are found in a Multi-country

Sales tax matrix, based on a number of parameters that are taken from the order line.

Key-features and benefits:

• Automatic determination of the sales tax group

• Intrastat reporting

• EU sales list reporting

• Easy set up/ config of the sales tax matrix

At a glance