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Experience the ease of automated Sales Tax determination for Tax Identities in multiple countries

When you operate from different countries within the EU it can be a real struggle to properly administer the correct Sales tax declarations in different countries. Standard D365 does not cover the full functionality, and the alternative is to setup different legal entities. This is a sub-optimal solution and creates additional administrative burden.

The core issue lies in the fact that for every Sales tax transaction, only one side (that is the destination for Sales) is considered for dynamically determining the Sales tax group. The origin is not taken into account. For the Purchase it’s the other way around. However, in practice you need both origin and destination for both Sales and Purchase transactions.

Key functionality

• Automate the determination of sales tax groups with the configurable Sales Tax Matrix

• Generate accurate EU Sales List reports

• Create your Intrastat reporting with ease

Learn more in the DycoTrade Multi-Country Sales Tax Brochure

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