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elevateX for Universal Integration

Elevate HR Inc.

Seamlessly integrate a payroll or benefits provider to interface pay, benefits, bank info, and more.

Ensure that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations information required by your third-party payroll or benefits provider interfaces correctly and seamlessly.  Elevate HR®Payroll and Benefits Connector provides everything your payroll system needs to know about your employees—their status, their pay, their benefits, garnishments or liens, banking information—everything.  Say goodbye to duplicate data entry and subsequent costly data audits.  Let your external payroll system or service do what it does best: calculate gross-to-net, disburse pay, print checks and advices, and remit taxes.  And keep the power of Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations working for you!


  • Additional tables and fields enable Dynamics 365 to serve as your system of record for all employee-related payroll data input
  • Employee tables for Federal, State, and Local tax jurisdictions
  • Payroll-specific employee numbers to accommodate alternate employee number schemes
  • Parameters to configure your requirements, from file numbering and location to payroll codes and leading zero settings
  • Deduction processing, with links to Elevate HR® Benefits Administration, for benefit deductions
  • Self-service direct deposit forms, plus additional payroll-required banking information
  • Data mapping configurator to ensure that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations data are mapped correctly to your payroll provider or third-party system
  • Interface file generation engine delivers efficient and accurate processing
  • Fully configurable interface for flexibility limits the need for customized programming of interfaces, reduces costly updates and changes, and simplifies data entry