Facilitate Daily Finance Processes & DMF JOBS for D365FO

by ETG

This package is specially created for facilitate daily business processes of accounting and finance

This package is specially created for facilitate daily business processes of accounting and finance users. The package includes reports and useful processes that are not exist or inadequate in standart Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations system.

Facilitate Daily Finance Processes & Utilities package for D365 FO :

  • Provides supports to the accounting and finance departments for processes and reports they need.
  • Provides time saving. Decrease expenses of operations.
  • User preference screens and reports.
  • Provides quick and easy usage.
  • More effective and flexible accounting system

Key benefits:

  1. Dimension Update: Dimension that was entered incorrectly during to registration can be update on voucher without cancelling a process.
  2. Reverse Transaction: Easily reverse sales and purchase invoices and journals. Marking reverse and cancelled transactions.
  3. Trial Balance with Dimension: Trial balance shows hierarchically total accounts with desired dimensions.
  4. Accruals: Monitoring and accounting allocated expenses of policies and insurance for next periods.
  5. Statements: More effective and useful customer, vendor and bank statements.
  6. Foreign exchange reports: These are the reports that contain the control of the foreign exchange revaluation calculation.
  7. Accounting approval procedures: The process of checking and approving accounting receipts effectively.
  8. Bank branch definitions: Bank branches are defined and associated with bank accounts.
  9. Financial summary report: Indicators, such as Customer’s debit/credit, collection performance, limit and risk status etc., are shown.
  10. Balance reports: Shows Customer, Vendor and Bank balances with local currency, reporting currency and accounting currency.
  11. Table browser: Allows to open any of selected data source of opened related form in table browser. This table browser can allow to edit records by user.
  12. Update Job Wizard: The existing records can be narrowed by Query criteria and table records without any external file and are updated in bulk according to the field names and field new values specified in another table.
  13. Update Job Wizard via Excel: The existing records can be updated using excel file. The process uses CSV format type and faster than current entity framework and very useful for on live projects.

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