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Enhanced & Flexible Management of Landed Costs


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Improve accuracy, save time and money with the solution for landed costs management

Improve accuracy and save time

Allocation of landed costs is usually a time-consuming and exhausting process. Moreover, errors can occur while calculating or choosing the right allocation method, and it’s too easy for a user to leave part of a charge unallocated by accident.

To help the companies solve these issues, we have designed an enhanced solution for the automated allocation of landed costs.

This solution will allow you to allocate landed costs in a fast and easy way avoiding errors, saving time and ensuring integrity of financial data. You can also allocate any misc. charge across lines from multiple invoices in a single transaction which is not possible in standard functionality!

Allocating landed costs: fast, easy and flexible

Our enhanced solution allows allocate and reverse landed costs simply and conveniently. You can model and choose the optimal way for allocation of landed costs before posting them, but if you need to reverse something that’s already posted, we’ve made that easy too.

Save time and money

With the help of our customers we have measured and modeled the “before” and “after” metrics for a typical landed costs allocation process. The results clearly show that the more invoices you have – the more you save!

In the picture on the right, please find comparison of our enhanced solution capabilities with standard Dynamics 365 functionality.

Read more about our solution benefits

Download our whitepaper and read more about additional benefits and advanced options for enhancement of our solution.