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In2Scope Exstream connector for Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynam...


The connector exports operational documents directly in XML format to be used by OpenText Exstream.

The Exstream Document Output (EDO) connector for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is a document output framework that operates within D365. It integrates with OpenText Exstream. It replaces AX2XML, the connector which was available for former Dynamics AX 2012 and 2009 versions. Exstream Document Output takes over the integrated reporting service in D365 for selected operational reports. It captures all reported data including labels and metadata, and exports this data in an universal and comprehensive XML file for further processing. These XML documents are interpreted and processed by OpenText Exstream (or previous Streamserve versions). OpenText Exstream is able to process (and archive) the XML files on the fly into a customer centric communication using as well digital as printed channels. This facilitates streamlining and automating your customer communication. The connector integrates with standard D365 print management and the regular post / print dialogs for a seamless experience. This results in a very limited footprint regarding changed business logic, and provides a seamless user experience, since all data required for reporting is included. Generated documents can be imported into D365 in order to save the formatted output for later reference. Support for the following commonly used external operational documents is included in Exstream Document Output: • Sales quotation • Sales quotation confirmation • Sales order confirmation • Sales order packing slip • Sales order invoice • Free text invoice • Customer collection letter • Customer collection letter overview • Customer interest note • Purchase order confirmation Besides the included report stack, the framework provides ability to easily modify existing reports and add new reports and documents. By moving report formatting towards Opentext Exstream, more customer centric reporting is possible. Time-consuming layout modifications in Reporting Services of D365 are not required anymore, since report design is outsourced to a best-of-breed solution that can be maintained by your own organization.