Dynamics 365 F&O Weigh Scale Integration

by Intech Systems Pvt Ltd.

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A stand-alone application to fetch weight directly from the weighing scale.

In many industries, the use of weighbridge is to maintain the record of the weight of the material. Often, it may raise issues such as weighing frauds and inaccuracy. To overcome this Intech System has developed an application that captures the weight directly from the scale and enters the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

1. Simple to use .Net application
2. Requires only one-time configuration in the user’s system
3. Performs fetch weight action on any transactions such as production entry, GRN, sales order, etc.

1. One can use this functionality in varied ways like loading as well as unloading materials in the system
2. No need to configure forms separately
3. Eliminates double weighing, inaccurate weighing, and weighing frauds
4. Saves time by reducing manual entry and eliminates erroneous entries

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