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Korean Localization for VAT

MAVEN Korea Co., Ltd.

Fully integrated to fulfill the legal taxation requirements for South Korea

Korea Localization for VAT from Maven Korea offers an integrated VAT management platform for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition that helps manufacturing, distribution, and retail organizations efficiently manage their VAT transactions, e-Tax invoicing and government declaration.

◆ Class-based Development

Secure stability and minimized customization through standardization of entire functions.

◆ Maximize User Convenience

Minimizing unnecessary iterations or user who functions convenience as the focal process.

◆ Minimize Functional Dependency & Complexity for Multy National Companies

Separate operating functions in between a corporation to take different VAT operation by each country.

◆ Prevent Duplicated Works

Remove duplicated flows for data input by pre-defined VAT configuration & setup.

◆ Support 1-time EDI Declration

Create report forms and EDI declaration file generation for 1 time upload declaration for governments.