legal360 optimize


The industry’s most modern and comprehensive law firm practice management solution

legal360 optimize is a modern, integrated practice management solution for law firms embracing digital transformation. The solution helps legal firms to win and retain clients, improve financial management, optimize talent, and improve operational management. Combining legal expertise with the proven enterprise foundation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and Azure cloud, legal360 optimize offers ‘total firm management’ by leveraging an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) approach, that goes beyond traditional financial-based practice management systems.

This partnership gives law firms the best of both worlds:

  • The familiarity, agility, scale, transparency, and security of Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure with added benefits of machine learning and natural search capabilities
  • The next generation of business applications tailored for the regulatory constraints and market practices of the legal market by legal experts.

The solution integrates siloed systems and removes the cost and complexity associated with maintaining multiple systems. This ERP-based system delivers Finance, HR, Talent Management, Matter Management, Time and Billing, Risk Management, and Business Intelligence in a single solution and aligns back office operations with front office tools – Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, etc.

A native Microsoft solution, legal360 optimize benefits from a continuously evolving roadmap that delivers rapid improvements and access to the full power of Microsoft applications including Advanced Analytics and Power BI. Applying powerful analytics tools and machine learning to better analyse, model, and visualize data helps improve operational management and drive more informed decision-making. And since legal360 optimize is built natively for the cloud, it delivers a lower total cost of ownership than traditional on-premises solutions.