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BrokerSpace365 - Solution for Brokerage Firms

Domain 6 Inc.

BrokerSpace 365 for Finance and Operations

       BrokerSpace365 is an industry-specific solution that allows brokerage firms to manage all their sales, operations, and agent relationships. Domain6 is focused on building solutions for the real estate market using Microsoft technologies. The combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and BrokerSpace365 gives firms the ability to:

  • Manage and support agent relationships from onboarding to licensing.
  • Provide their teams with a more accurate way to manage and track agent requests, including marketing, advertising, and other services.
  • Register and track deals of multiple types, including listings, sales, rentals, and new developments.
  • Support complex agent commission plans and schedules.
  • Track agent performance.
  • Provide agents with a robust portal for visibility into their achievements and requests.