TMS 365

by Axnosis

Treasury, Loan & Investment Management for Dynamics 365 Finance

The TMS 365 solution developed by Axnosis enables an organisation to effectively administer and optimise its financial assets and holdings.

A treasury management system (TMS) is a software application which automates the process of managing a company's financial operations. It helps companies to manage their financial activities, such as:

  • Cash Flow
  • Financial Assets and Investments
  • Loans and Risk mitigation.
  • Credit Ratings.
  • Intercompany Loans.
  • Insurance Management

A Treasury Management System is commonly used to maintain financial security and minimize reputational risk. It can be used by a company's internal management and may be purchased from a technical supplier.

The aim is to improve the organisations liquidity, help make sound financial investment decisions for the future, limit excess cash and reduce financial risks through hedging strategies.

The processes are managed within the Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management solution allowing integrated and consolidated information to be easily extracted for decision making.

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