DXC Advanced Customer Approval

by DXC

Optimize sales and fulfillment processes with advanced customer approval

DXC Advanced Customer Approval

Optimize sales and fulfillment processes with advanced customer approval
With complex product portfolios, exclusive customer and private-label agreements, and tight import and export rules, it is critical that you are in full control of which goods you are selling to which customers. DXC Advanced Customer Approval for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations delivers capabilities that allow you to define which customers and countries you can sell individual items to, and under which terms and conditions.

Get full control of your sales and delivery conditions

Without sufficient overview and control, you run the risk of fulfilling customer orders with items that are unsuitable. For example, individual items could be produced as part of another customer’s private-label agreement. Or the items could require export or distribution approval based on the customer’s country or region. You may also have your own preferences around which of your locations you deliver the items from, and at which price. DXC Advanced Customer Approval lets you fulfil customer orders with confidence, based on comprehensive information.


  • Optimize processes for sales orders, sales quotations and sales agreements
  • Base item selection on comprehensive product- and customer-specific information
  • Comply with corporate and customer requirements, agreements and policies
  • Fully document your sales and fulfilment conditions with your customers
  • Integrate complex pricing logic into the sales process


  • ACA ID definition for individual items
  • ACA ID definition for individual customers, or for multiple customers with shared parameters
  • Auto selection of Primary ACA Ids
  • Inclusion of ACA information in, for example, sales order lines and printed documentation
  • Filtering to show only approved ACA IDs in the quotation, agreement and order process
  • Trigger warnings, or blocking of sales order line creation, for non-approved customers
  • Approved customer list by item and approved item list by customer

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