GO-SAF-T Accounting Data Submission Solution


Submission of accounting data to the STI‘s i.SAF-T subsystem in Lithuania

GO-ERP has developed a standard solution GO-SAF-T for Microsoſt Dynamics 365 / AX clients. This solution ensures that customers meet all the requirements of the STI Smart Tax Administration System (i.SAF-T). GO-SAF-T facilitates the submission of accounting data to the STI‘s i.SAF-T subsystem.

Benefits of GO-SAF-T solution

  • The solution is based on common, widely used processes and requirements proper across all companies;
  • Only modifications and specific processes need to be matched to the STI requirement;
  • The solution reduces installation time and costs. There is no need to analyze the processes. According to our observations, some processes are identical and repeating in all companies. Thus, only the differences need to be discussed and adapted.

At a glance