Hitachi Solutions Order Management Suite

by Hitachi Solutions

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End-to-end web-based system with full order management capabilities.

End-to-end web-based system with full order management capabilities and tight accounting, shipping, and inventory systems integration. Our solution enables businesses to consistently improve customer relationships and increase customer retention by delivering a truly personalized experience to B2B and B2C customers.


  • B2B Order Management – Allows manufacturers and distributors to quickly and easily add an online sales channel; better manage orders, inventory, and pricing; and ensure higher customer value. 
  • B2C Order Management - Provides retail customers with a convenient and responsive, omni-channel sales experience.
  • Customer Portal – Adds the ease and convenience of a self-service business portal that allows B2B users to check invoices, make payments, and log customer service inquiries. 
  • Order Entry – Allows B2B customer to easily manage multiple online stores and empowers CSRs to input orders, view customer history, and more right from their phone or tablet in the field.
  • Payment Service – Provides a centralized and secure way for B2B and B2C clients to manage online payment processing for all their applications. 
  • Other features
    • Responsive omni-channel experience 
    • Rich product merchandising 
    • Promotions and loyalty programs 
    • Customer self service
    • Elevated customer service
    • Empowered CSRs
    • Simplified books and back-office functions
    • Increased scalability and security


  • Proprietary order management solution built on Microsoft stack
  • Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and available in license purchase and SaaS options
  • Microsoft AppSource Listed
  • Currently over 100 storefronts active on the platform with over $10B in revenue processed

Hitachi Solutions offers deep industry expertise combined with decades of experience providing high-value solutions that deliver rapid return on investment. Our implementation methodology is designed to give you a faster, lower-risk implementation and rapid adoption through proven best practices.

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