Dynamics Label Generator

by IONAX IT-Solutions GmbH

What's Test Drive?

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Design your own labels, print them in your daily operations automatically, without any development.

There are a lot of unique operations in companie's daily business, which requires custom labels for the inbound or outbound processes (Transportation, Transfer or other WMS  operations, procurement, production, inventory or sales operations etc.) 
Dynamics Label Generator gives you the opportunity to design your own labels and barcodes with mapping any data table objects (including joined tables) as data source and to attach them into desired forms as menu item to be able to display and print in any business process, without any development or deployment effort.
You can specify your data source, arrange your label design with data objects (including display methods and joined tables) and fixed texts visually and  generate dynamics menu items as mapping  your designs schema to the form objects. That's it.
Now you are ready to generate / print  labels from your own custom design...

Functional overview
  • Create your label schema with desired data source
  • Design your label even with bar code images
  • Map your label fields to desired data source fields or display methods
  • Map your label schema with any Dynamics 365 F&O form
  • Print your custom label in the form objects on both header or line level
  • You can preview your label in actual size without printing 


  • You can create unlimited label schemas 
  • You can use same schema for many transactions 
  • It is possible to make barcode images in label design
  • You can adjust paper (output) sizes of your labels including design for thermal printers.  
  • You can change font value of each text field, adjust label fields horizontally and vertically
  • You can define number of label while printing

At a glance