Kyriba Payments Network for Microsoft Dynamics 365

by Kyriba

Simplified Integration to Kyriba Payments Network for payment automation and bank connectivity.

Kyriba powers active liquidity and treasury management within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, centralizing company-wide payment processing, while reducing connectivity costs, IT delays and increasing payment fraud protection and cyber security.

Kyriba Payments Network accelerates Microsoft Dynamics 365 payments and bank connectivity projects, eliminates project risk and drastically reduces connectivity costs. Seamless integration with Dynamics 365 technology allows vendor payments and other third party transfers to flow through the Kyriba Payments Network, which is responsible for payment screening, added workflow, payment formatting and bank communication through various connectivity protocols. 

Dynamics 365 Project Improvement - Kyriba augments customers’ Microsoft Dynamics projects, making it simpler and more cost effective. We keep the project on time and on budget by managing the critical and complex piece of global bank connectivity and payment formats

Connectivity Options - No other TMS provider has the number of connectivity protocol options to meet the demands of global banking, including multiple SWIFT options, regional protocols and direct bank connections (i.eAPIs)

Complete Liquidity Management - Manage company-wide payments in connection with your complete liquidity strategy, including cash positioning & forecasting, internal & external funding, early payment terms, business intelligence for sound and strategic decisions, & more

Formats - No other provider has a larger and faster growing library of payment scenarios (over 45K) to ensure a faster implementation and response to future banking relationships (available to all clients due to SaaS architecture). Developers are no longer required

Global expertise - No other provider has such an extensive global support team with local and regional expertise to implement and maintain your payments hub.

Security - With three global command centers (Tokyo, Paris, San Diego) monitoring bank connections 24/7, as well as state-of-the-art security protocols, your payment process has never been safer. We encourage your security team to talk to ours.

Fraud Protection - No other provider provides proactive, pre-execution, payment fraud detection using machine learning to ensure your money is protected from global cybercrime and social engineering; also reduces freezing of funds and bank-imposed penalties.

Infrastructure - Assurance and reliability towards Microsoft eco-system.  Proven & battle-tested with 99.9% SLA, 2.4B trans. last 12 months.

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