MazikCare E Procurement and Vaccine Supply Chain

by Mazik Global Inc.

An end-to-end supply chain solution to maximize efficiencies in all aspects of inventory management

MazikCare E Procurement and Vaccine Supply Chain Vaccination Management drives efficiencies through automation, real-time reporting and just-in-time delivery. It strategically meets the supply chain needs of healthcare staff so they can exceed the expectations of their patients. It works to reduce the time providers spend on administrative tasks, so providers have more time for patient care. 


The Solution  is highly configurable and offers a quick deployment option. Key features include:

  • Easy to use interface providing quick view status of requests, past purchases and procure and approve requests.
  • Online shopping experience providing an easy-to-use, single interface for procuring supplies, vaccines and other healthcare catalog items.
  • Extensive track and trace functionality and dashboards with real-time reporting of available inventory and distribution.
  • Track the lifecycle of Vaccine Lot/Serial end to end from Receiving to Internal transfers to Administering the vaccine.


The Solution enables providers to:

  • Procure and manage stock at central supply and multiple distribution locations
  • Replenish and oversee inventory at clinics, departments and vaccination stations
  • Access centralized dashboards and reports for real time inventory levels and distribution
  • Eliminate and reduce wastage and expired products with superior Just-in-Time delivery and inventory accuracy

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