RSM Lot Trace and Safety Solution

by RSM Product Sales LLC

RSM’s solution makes trace and hold management during audit and recall situations easy.

Our solutions are designed based upon our extensive industry experience and are built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management customers who are looking to extend the power and functionality of their solution investment. RSM’s Lot Trace and Safety for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain solution meets the needs of customers in many different industries and includes the following capabilities:

      • Ability to easily initiate a trace through specifying only the known search criteria such as item, date range, machine or vendor lot.
      • Based upon the specified search criteria, the trace process will retrieve the appropriate lots and construct the entire history in a matter of minutes.
      • Provides a user-friendly way to execute a trace through a series of intuitive questions that allow the user to pinpoint a contaminated lot.
      • Save trace information to compare different runs with varying data points.
      • Export results to Excel for further analysis.
      • Allows complete visibility, forward and backward, of raw materials, work in progress items and finished products throughout all stages in the supply chain.
      • Recall report can be automatically generated based upon trace output.

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