evergreen for AEc


A future proof accounting platform built on Microsoft technology and enriched with’s IP

evergreen is's single platform firms, far beyond the many project management solutions already in the market. Built from the ground up, it is the back-end processing and transactional engine for core professional services functions.
Leveraging the full breadth of Microsoft technology combined with's exclusive AEC layer IP, evergreen for AEc helps meet the challenges of delivering client while reducing inefficiencies and increasing , increase productivity and quality. With a track record of being trusted by AEC firms in supporting them, helps AEC firms deal with hyper competition, shrinking margins and the new and added challenges that the pandemic has brought about. for AEc help these firms transform the future of their business through
Increased profitability margins
Better resource utilization
Better technology
Turn data into actionable insights to make informed, timely decisions on behalf of your business
Integrate finance and operations, and have visibility into changes that might affect revenue, profitability and cash flow
Support and manage complex fee structures with multi-discipline fee combinations and cost multipliers, combinations of T&M and Fixed Fee based contracts
Allocating revenue to the unit delivering the work f