Sikich IEM Configuration Solution

by Sikich, LLP.

A preconfigured solution for equipment, discrete and complex product manufacturers.

Industrial equipment manufacturers (IEM) that produce complex products with multiple possible configurations, can leverage this pre-configured solution using Dynamics 365, Enterprise edition. This solution is designed to greatly improve financial control over operating margins with internal tracking and actual costing of production and outsourced activities, while providing accurate delivery dates. Project management functionality is available to track both production and non-production activities, and to enable post-sale support and service for equipment.

The Sikich IEM Solution will support the following key business processes:

- Quote or proposal generation for prospect or customer

- Configuration of equipment or product, based on rules and options

- Conversion of quote to sales order or project

- Make-to-order functionality with multi-level pegging

- Hybrid planning where project WBS activity can drive due dates for MRP

- Production planning and control with clear status visibility

- Flexible serial or batch tracking features

- Advanced warehouse management with mobile client and transportation management

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