FlexxLink B2B-Communication

by Soluvine GmbH

B2B-Communication, EDI & Supply Chain Automation for Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM.

FlexxLink is a B2B-communication client built directly into Microsoft D365 Finance & SCM and AX 2012 R3, allowing for seamless integration of EDI and EAI communication into your business processes.

Together with advanced data validation, FlexxLink enables you to automate your existing sales and purchasing processes while keeping your master data in shape.

The five key benefits of FlexxLink:

  • Connect your system to any business partner:
    With FlexxLink, you can manage all your inbound and outbound EDI communication from within Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM and AX 2012 R3.

  • Automate your own processes
    Based on the full integration with the Dynamics business logic, your existing purchasing and sales processes and B2B-communication can easily be automated.

  • Improve your master data with every transaction
    Using the FlexxLink Validation Framework, every single communication step is validated against your available master data.
    Not only does this lead to error-free B2B-communication, but your master data is automatically being validated and improved every step of the way.

  • Benefit from user-friendly configuration
    Communication partners and types can be set up directly within FlexxLink.
    At the same time, the validation of data can both be configured on communication partner and communication type level – this allows for fine-tuning the level of process automation you wish to enable within your team.

  • Ultimate transparency for your team
    All inbound and outbound communication is being monitored by our FlexxLink Communication Monitor.
    Supported by customizable alerting options, FlexxLink allows for holistic incident investigation and swift resolution of communication issues.

FlexxLink Add-On's


Benefit from instantly connecting your Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM to your SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS).

FlexxLink converts all incoming and outgoing communication to the standardized SEEXML format.

Lasernet Server

Combine FlexxLink and your Lasernet Server to convert B2B-communication to and from all established EDI formats.

Set up Point-to-Point EDI Communication yourself by leveraging the capabilities of FlexxLink and Lasernet Server.

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