Mitigate disruptions and increase agility with this advanced supply chain solution and embedded BI

Sunrise 365® Supply Chain is an advanced supply chain solution that provides retail, CPG, and manufacturing companies intelligent insight into their supply chain and retail operations.

Covid-19 has dramatically disrupted supply chains and drastically changed consumer behavior, resulting in unpredictable supply expectations and extremely volatile demand. Such unprecedented interference has limited the ability for organizations to course correct in the short-term and optimize an unfortunate reality.  Fast reacting supply chain solutions can provide retail and CPG companies resiliency and intelligent insight into a rapidly changing environment.  This is where Sunrise 365® Supply Chain and Retail comes in.

With Sunrise 365® Supply Chain and Retail, you can:

  • Plan with less worry about excess inventory
  • Purchase more efficiently and ensure cyclical supply requirements
  • Produce, procure, and deliver the desired goods in the customer’s optimal delivery window
  • Identify inventory requirements and planning adjustments in near real-time
  • Optimize sales by prioritizing key customers and sales channels
  • Analyze supply and demand risks to confidently convert inventory to cash
  • Intelligently stock stores based on retail performance, seasonal requirements, and aggregate supply
  • Fulfill orders quickly and efficiently

    Built on 27+ years of industry experience and over 220 global Dynamics deployments, the Sunrise 365® Supply Chain and Retail Solution adds almost instant value to any Dynamics 365 for Finance and/or Supply Chain project.

    The solution is a perfect fit for companies that manufacture or source apparel, footwear, textiles, furnishings, cosmetics, electronics, or consumer goods. In today’s market, brands don’t compete, their supply chains do. Enable your competitive advantages and growth strategies with Sunrise 365® Supply Chain and Retail Solution. Built to work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, this extension is essential for companies that manufacture, distribute, or sell consumer products. To learn more about how to get started, see a guided demonstration, or simply ask a question, please contact Sunrise Technologies.

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