Special Pricing & Chargeback Management for D365

by Vyas Consulting Inc

Supply chain solution for distributors to effectively manage pricing rules and vendor cost recovery.

Industry data confirms that roughly half of distributors’ profit is now based on vendor cost recovery programs (SPA programs).  These complex and dynamic programs must be well managed to be competitive and financially successful.
SPA Module Feature Set in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations:
• SPA Rules (Effective Dates, Deal-specific, Max/Min Qty, Mix & Match, Bundle-Only, Config SPA…and many more)
• SPA Combination wizard - ability to stack multiple discounts & nest calculations
• Process to Request Special Price (RSP) from Vendors (Date Extensions, Qty Increases, etc)
• SPA Simulator; Approval workflows; Intercompany SPA management
• Claiming & Collection
• Integration with A/P, A/R, G/L, PIM, IM, and Advanced Warehouse Management
Wholesale Industry is looking for an affordable, manageable and supportable enterprise solution for large organizations to ..
• Lower operating costs with efficient and streamlined management of vendor claims
• Reduce manual administrative work
• Reduce cost of dispute resolution
• Reduce vendor receivables days outstanding
• Increase Cash flows
• Reduce cost of goods sold

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