Promotions and Billback Management for D365

by Vyas Consulting Inc

SCM solution for manufacturers to reconcile and settle customer promotion billback claims.

Promotions and Billback Management for D365 enables Manufacturers to gain competitive advantage and increase market share by strategically offering a reduced price to their customers.  Special Pricing agreements (SPAs) can be created to define reduced pricing based on various eligibility criteria (All customers/customer groups/specific customers; All items/item groups/specific items; date range; Max quantities; Discount % or amt). As distributors and/or customers submit claims for SPA reimbursements, manufacturers are able to efficiently and accurately reconcile claims to SPA criteria and sales history, post accruals, communicate and track discrepancies, and settle claims.

The complexity of managing various Special Pricing Agreements (SPAs) can result in claim disputes and costly errors.  It is nearly impossible for manufacturers to manage the creation, reconciliation, and settlement of such agreements manually or with disparate tools like excel.  Promotions and Billback Management for D365 allows manufacturers to reduce manual administrative work to a great extent, so that they can accurately reconcile distributor claims, avoiding under/overpayments and costly disputes.

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