Standard Audit File for Poland (JPK)

by Xplus S.A.

Standard Audit File for Poland - Jednolity Plik Kontrolny.

SAF-T JPK description


In offer we have included all schemas which are needed by regulation

 SAF Functionality is new module developed to give the user ability to analyze data before sending it to government. This solution provides wide spectrum of configuration, how data is generated and presented in audit files. Functionality have dedicated tables which are gathering data from the system in purpose of validating it before sending it. We are constantly upgrading this solution to meet all new requirements from Ministry of Finance.

Wide configuration allows users to use SAF functions in daily analytics e.g. VAT register, Trial balance (ZOiS), Discrepancies between warehouse and ledger.


List of supported schemes:

  • JPK_KR
  • JPK_Bank
  • JPK_FA



This solution gives the user complete tool that is fully compatible with ministry regulation and it is proven by over 30 implementations. We’ve outlined steps to accomplish generation of SAF file.


  1. Data gathering –all data from source table and transfer them to temporary tables;
  2. Data Validation process – Temporary tables gives possibility to verify correctness and convergence of data. Using queries user can check data from different perspective;
  3. Generating SAF file
  4. Validation with ministry of finance regulation– System check’s if file are created in right way according to the regulation. Using XSD file.
  5. Formatting – Files are divided and encrypted by external program which is included in the offer;
  6. File exporting –External program is sending file to Ministry of finance FTP server;
  7. Archiving – After validation Ministry of finance is sending document (UPO) which is a proof of successful transmission.


Main Advantages of XPL Solution

This solution because of its performance and wide spectrum of additional configuration is very popular on polish Dynamics market. It is also compatible with all versions of AX to begin with AX 3.0 and ends with Dynamics for finance and operations.

We can also outline few other advantages:

  1. Define versions of JPK_VAT Gives possibility to create versions of JPK_VAT
  2. Overview, verify, edit data before exporting it to file thanks to temporary tables You are more flexible and time saving
  3. Universal tool to analyze and control – by using queries you can create deferent reports and check discrepancies between Inventory and accounting module
  4. Integrate with external systems – If you use more than one system to register tax transactions you can easily import data to temporary tables. And then just generate it merged with AX transactions.

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