2B-LAW 365

by 2B Solutions

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A legal management solution built on Dynamics 365. Streamline all aspects of firm management.

With 2B-LAW 365, you get a legal case management solution that takes advantage of all that Microsoft has to offer. Utilize your Office 365 products, Outlook, etc. and have it fully integrated with your case management. Simplify your matter and client management by enabling legal professionals and administrators to work securely and collaborate from any device, anytime. Built as a Dynamics 365 solution, 2B-LAW 365 is a simple to use legal management solution that will replace time-consuming, manual processes with new point-and-click automation.
  • Matter Management – Eliminate multiple outdated programs to manage your caseload. View and update matter information from a single screen.
  • Client Management – Track a potential client from the first point of contact through the closing of the case.
  • Lead Tracking – Stop letting potential clients fall through the cracks and know which of your marketing campaigns are successful by capturing lead sources.
  • Time & Expense Tracking - Busy attorneys can access 2B-LAW 365 on the fly, making it fast and easy to enter time and expenses.
  • Financial Management - Improve your firm’s financial management with access to real-time billing and payment information.
  • Document Management – Use SharePoint and OneNote for electronic document management for a more organized and productive office.
  • 1-Click Document Generation - Instantly create contracts, letters, invoices, motions and more by using your own pre-defined templates within Word and Excel.
  • Custom Dashboards and Reports – Partners are just a click away from the real-time intelligence they need. They can quickly monitor and view a wide range of information, such as attorney activity, cash flow, expenditures vs. revenue, profitability by practice area, and much more.
  • Automatic Reminders and Tasks – Set up automatic reminders and tasks. Never miss another deadline.
  • Client Facing Portal – Keep in contact with clients, including sending and receiving documents.
  • Attorney Revenue Goal Tracking – Are your associates on target to be profitable this quarter? This year? See that vital information in real time with customizable goal tracking.
  • Built on Dynamics 365 - Seamless Integration with Microsoft Office 365. Take advantage of all that Microsoft has to offer, including integrations with thousands of apps and solutions.
  • Unified Interface – More appealing user interface for web, phone and tablet.
Requirements: Dynamics 365 v.9.0 and above.

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