Eva Investigation Application - Healthcare


What's Test Drive?

Test Drive duration: 2 hours

The integral digital solution for serious incident investigations and superior patient care.

The Eva Investigation Application is a ground-breaking digital solution for the healthcare sector that empowers incident investigation teams to conduct seamless investigations and reports using Microsoft’s secure, agile and mobile technology.  

Eva Key Features:

  • Simple step-by-step functionalities that provide investigators with training and contextualized tips along the way
  • Centralized and secure dashboards for investigators, managers and governance teams to monitor progress according to their access levels
  • Data-rich reporting tools populated with a simple click of a button
  • Faster shared learning across hospitals, thanks to share tools and state-of-the-art security and privacy functions including the anonymization of data.


Eva Benefits: 

  • Process clarity: Standardized step-by-step processes, centralized dashboards, and automations mean investigation processes can run smoothly and orderly with insight for managers and governance teams
  • Time saving: Full mobility across devices and seamless integration with everyday tools like Outlook and Word reduce the burden on clinicians, investigators and patients to input and later assess information
  • Patient safety governance: Full oversight of the volume and progress of investigations, as well as powerful reporting tools that identify big-picture trends, allows governance teams to take meaningful action in the short and long-term
  • Learning and sharing: Accumulated learnings, knowledge and recommendations are centralized into a common database to be quickly be fed back to the frontline for long-term improvements in patient safety


Fancy a trial?  

Trail the application in just one day using one of your completed investigations, with guidance from our investigative experts.  



  1. Review of your current investigation process 
  2. Discussion about scope of the trial  
  3. Walkthrough / demo of Eva Application 


  1. Use the Eva Application to input a real incident from your hospital 
  2. Review the populated report
  3. Questions and feedback 
  4. Understand the business value case

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