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Marketing Calendar


Marketing calendar is the summary of campaigns and campaign activities in tree or timeline view.

Campaigns and Campaign Activities in Calendar View: It allows the user to view present, past and future campaigns/campaign activities.

Timeline View (Year/Quarter/Month/Week): This will allow the user to view data in the different time span.

Collapse and Expand Campaigns: The user can use collapse or expand functionality to view more/fewer data about a specific campaign.

System and Personal Views: The user can select any view from view selection and data will be filtered accordingly.

Drag & Drop: To change the dates of any records user can just drag & drop or they resize the campaign/campaign activity window.

Color Coding: User can quickly identify different campaigns and campaign activities based on color codes.

Open Entity Record: Double-click on any campaign or campaign activity to open CRM record.

Filter: Filter option will allow the user to filter records based on specific condition.


Minimum supported platform version: 8.2