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Quick Email


Quick Email is an Inline Email editor for Dynamics 365.

Traditional use of e-mail in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be cumbersome since you always have to open a new window to write an e-mail - especially in a customer service world where the speed of execution is of the essence. That is why AlfaPeople is introducing Quick Email that allows you to reply to an e-mail directly from the customer or case form.

The Quick Email app includes a Rich text Email Editor and fields such as to, from and subject are configurable, reducing time spent on composing and writing emails.


  1. Inline Rich Text Editor: User can compose and send an email from entity form without leaving the window.
  2. Configurable Fields (From/To/CC/Subject/Email): Admin can set default option from the below list.
    1. Email: Latest Email by date field
    2. From/To/Cc:
      1. Set entity field value (Example: Set primary contact of the account entity).
      2. Set default GUID value (Example: Always send email from Support Queue).
      3. Set current.
    3. Subject:
      1. Set email subject as name of the incident entity followed by the incident number.
      2. The user can specify order number for subject fields.
      3. Set default text (Company suffix “AP” at the end of the subject line).
  3. Quick Action(Reply/Reply All/Forward): User can select existing email from the drop-down to quickly reply to the email.
  4. Default Email Signature: Default signature is auto-populated from D365 email signatures setting.
  5. Email Templates: User can select any global or entity-specific template from the list.