Government Budget Management

by Aligned Business Solutions, LLC

Government Budget Planning, Programming, Management and Execution

Budget 360 is available on the Dynamics 365 or Power Apps Platform and may be deployed individually or as part of our P360 Suite. Budget 360 supports the core mission requirements of Planning, Budgeting, Programming and Execution by producing and managing multiyear budgets for all Organization Types. Budget 360 allows for extremely sophisticated multiyear cost build ups and escalations along with, localization, position-based costing, indirect cost applications and what if analysis. Budget 360 carries all the tracking detail that you require i.e. source of funds and year along with highly flexible budget models and roll ups.  Secure Microsoft Data Connectors allow for the free flow of information across multiple legacy systems to give management the real time budget to actual analysis they require. 

Budget 360 fills the gaps where Government agencies need the capability to minimize cycle time and increase efficiency.

·         Never lose budget-related communication – all related activities are automatically linked to the desired efforts.

·         Create and manage the entire budget package and process with native Microsoft applications.

·         Budget all resource types: internal, contractor, inter-office.

·         Budget all resources types: hourly employees, salary-exempt employees, salary-non- exempt employees, fixed-price, cost-based & T&M contractors & inter-agency staff & equipment.   

Government Agencies are aware of the complex and dynamic accounting and regulatory requirements that impact how they manage budgets. Budget 360 delivers the next generation system allowing you to plan, program and manage in an ever changing multi system environment while; managing changes in fiscal policy, delivering on program initiatives and evidencing due diligence in compliance with all regulations and mandates.



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