AMC's DaVinci for Dynamics 365

by AMC Technology

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Enhance your contact center experience for both agents and customers

AMC Technology’s DaVinci solution for Dynamics 365 greatly enhances both the customer and agent experience through our Interaction Orchestration platform. The solution provides standard features like screen pop of customer information, click-to-dial, activity tracking, along with more advanced flexible capabilities like comprehensive reporting and proactive customer care.

DaVinci's unique app-based approach, supports integration with premise telephony like Cisco, Avaya, and Aspect, as well as cloud-based CCaaS like Twilio, Amazon Connect, Five9, and Genesys.

Integrate your organization’s contact center, voice and digital channels like SMS and chat within Dynamics 365 to increase agent productivity, improve the agent and customer experience and enhance the efficiency of the entire organization. AMC Technology’s DaVinci Agent provides an embedded toolbar with the ability to support customers on their preferred channels.


Improved Agent Experience- Agents will get a 360 view of the customer and interact across all channels including, voice, SMS, chat, and more. DaVinci's embedded CRM experience gives contact centers a single pane of glass view of the customer, improving agent productivity and overall experience.

Improved Customer Experience - DaVinci gives customers the ability to interact with businesses across the channels they use the most, including voice, SMS, WhatsApp, video, chatbots, webchat, and more. Customers don't need to repeat information as the interaction history is stored and passed to each agent.

Migrate from Premise to Hybrid to Cloud - DaVinci supports premise-based telephony systems from Avaya, Cisco, and Aspect as well as cloud CCaaS solutions from Twilio, Amazon, Five9, Genesys and more. Customers can continue to leverage their investment in their premise infrastructure, deploy a hybrid configuration, or be completely cloud-based, while experiencing the single pane of glass approach DaVinci offers.

Easy to Configure and Deploy - The DaVinci Creators Studio Info-card based interface makes it easy for your Contact Center administrator to select/configure the channel apps and features needed along with agent user profiles. Pre-built channel apps include Avaya, Cisco, Aspect, Genesys, Twilio, Rul.AI and more.

Out of the Box or Custom Use Cases - DaVinci is based on an open framework that is easily extensible for custom use case scenarios. Businesses can start with the standard out of box features like screen pop, click to dial, and activity tracking, and then go beyond to realize your full customer service vision. No other solution on the market is as flexible as DaVinci.

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