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AMC Technology

Provides access to phone, Skype for Business, and Social Collaboration from within MSCRM or USD

AMC Technology's Premise Contact Center Integration Solution, Picasso gives agents multiple options to help their customers and provide exceptional, efficient customer service.

With Picasso your organization can now:

Extend proactive customer care to include social media
  • Easily identify and quickly respond to sales leads and service opportunities on social media networks
  • Drive agent efficiencies via screen pop, click to dial, and advanced telephony features like conference and transfer from within CRM
  • Streamline IT costs by leveraging existing telephony infrastructure
  • Simplify Agent multi-tasking by routing all agent work (leads, cases, telephone, chat, email, social, etc.) through a single user interface
  • Respond knowledgeably and rapidly with a full 360 degree view of the customer
  • Make knowledgeable decisions based on comprehensive and accurate data
  • Access telephony and/or omni-channel reporting from within CRM